Easter Island/Salas y Gomez 1-22 September 1995
Cordell Expeditions


Two archaeological projects are planned:

  1. Search for the Poike rocks;
  2. Search for unknown buried objects.

The first project is motivated by the oral tradition that the Poike peninsula was cleared in ancient times, and that the loose rocks were thrown over the cliff. If true, it is likely that anomalous accumulations of these rocks would still survive in the surf zone or on the cliffs. A search for these rocks could be made, although the observations likely will require careful statistical analysis.

The second project was a joint proposal between Cordell Expeditions, Lawrence Livermore Laboratory,and the University of California. It involves infrared imaging of the surface, with sophisticated computer enhancement and processing of the images. A buried object such as a moai will retain heat differently from the surrounding soil, henkce appear warmer or cooler during a temperature cycle. Infrared images can detect these slight temperature variations, thereby locating the objects. It is certain that many undiscovered objects lie buried under a thin soil layer on Easter Island.

As of the date of this writing, the LLNL/UC/CE proposal had not been processed. Hence, during the 1995 Cordell Expedition, the effort will concentrate on documenting sites that may be of interest for surveying when funding does become available.

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