Easter Island/Salas y Gomez 1-22 September 1995
Cordell Expeditions

Marine Biology and Diving Operations

During the expedition, a team of scientific divers will carry out a series of scuba dives and intertidal investigations on and around Easter Island and Salas y Gómez. There are several goals:

  1. Explore the subtidal Poike Penninsula on Easter Island;
  2. Collect marine specimens on Easter Island;
  3. Explore the subtidal around Salas y Gomez.
The Poike is the last of the intertidal area around Easter Island to be explored. Previous work by Alfredo Cea Egana, John Randall, and Louis DiSalvo have documented most of the other coastline, including the islets near Hanga Roa. Part of the diving work at Poike will be an archaeological survey. Click here for the Expedition Archaeology page.

The Cordell Expedition divers will use scuba to depths of about 50 m. Representative collections of marine specimens will be obtained and preserved. Charts of water depth and other features will be prepared. A collection of specimens obtained from all over Easter Island will be made available to the museum there. The balance of specimens wil lbe forwarded to specialists worldwide for identification and analysis.

The subtidal area around Salas y Gomez is practically unknown. Expedition personnel will collect intertidal and shallow subtidal marine specimens. They will also document the bird and plant life on the tiny islet.

The information gathered will be summarized in the publications from the expedition.

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