Easter Island/Salas y Gomez 1-22 September 1995
Cordell Expeditions


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    This expedition was organized by Cordell Expeditions. This nonprofit research group has 20-years' experience in expeditions to remote sites. The work is documented in many publications and several books. For more information, click here.


    The following companies and organizations have provided equipment or other support for the expedition. We are grateful to them for this support.


    AEA: 3 PK232MBX TNC's

    Cushcraft: Antennas

    WJ2O Software: Software, printing

    Electronic Switch Co.: 2 Fritzel dipoles, 2 keys

    Erhrorn Tech. Operations: 5 91B linears

    Eventide: 2 audio recorders

    Force-12: Antennas (discount)

    Heil: 6 headsets

    Kenwood: Radios, interfaces

    M-Square: 6 m amp and antenna

    Motorola: 851 MHz Datalink, 2 m handhelds (10), marine VHF (4) jackets, GPS, 125 Micom HF

    Oklahoma Comm Center: Gear

    Paul Daley WT8S: 4 kW generator

    Tasco: SSTV equipment

    TERRA-MAR, Digital Mapping and Spatial Data Management Software

    Terra-Mar specializes in Software and Systems for Satellite and Airborne Remote Sensing Mapping and Spatial Data Management applications. They have provided computers and networking equipment to support the the expedition's WWW updates and Internet connection. They have also supplied a prototype backpack video mapping system to support video documentation of expedition activities.

    Oil spill mapping is the latest specially integrated airborne system that Terra-Mar has delivered to the Marine Spill Response Corporation. This system merges attitude GPS information, multi- spectral video imagery and Side Looking Airborne Radar returns into near-real-time map products to support the management of oil spill disasters. Terra-Mar can be reached at:


    Terra-Mar Resource Information Services, Inc. was founded in 1976 as a consulting company performing strategic planning and marketing studies for corporations and government agencies pertaining to remote sensing, image processing, and geographic information systems technology. Today, Terra-Mar is a progressive computer software developer and earth sciences service company located in Mountain View, California. The company is known for its sophisticated, user friendly applications software for integrated raster image processing and geographic information systems (GIS). Terra-Mar is recognized as an important contributor to the exploding Integrated Geographic Information Systems Market.

    Terra-Mar is a small business concern staffed with degreed professionals specializing in the fields of remote sensing and GIS applications. Traditionally, Terra-Mar has specialized in the geologic and exploration sciences. Today, Terra-Mar's products and services are used by numerous organizations with intensive data processing requirements for a broad range of applications including resource assessment and management, oil and minerals exploration, land use planning, disaster situation management, environmental monitoring, and intelligence operations.


    Terra-Mar's mission is to create the powerful spatial relational database, image mapping and interpretation tools required to meet the growing needs of the integrated geographic information systems market. Terra-Mar has built strong alliances with other key industry players worldwide - - from hardware manufacturers to software developers. It is Terra-Mar's intent to be the dominant player in the processing of spatial information for resource management and disaster scenarios.


    Workstation IDIMS and Global Data Catalog (GDC) have been used extensively by leading academic, government, research, and commercial organizations for varied applications including:

    Transformation Techniques, The InterBuilding Link

    Transformation Techniques, Inc. is the only manufacturer that offers wireless LAN products from T-1 to 10 Mbps at frequencies of 915 MHz, 2.4 Ghz, 23 GHz and 31 Ghz. They have provided a 915 Mhz, 2 Mbps wireless solution, built around AT&T WaveLAN spread spectrum technology, to connect the expedition's base camp to the closest Internet access point, 5 Km from camp. The system is also being evaluated by Terra-Mar for high-speed telemetry between an aircraft and a ground based computer for forest fire mapping applications. This system includes peer to peer network adapters, proprietary WaveAmp transceiver amplifiers and directional antennas. TTI specializes in outdoor wireless links between buildings, including: peer to peer, bridge and repeater configurations. Standard network management capabilities are implemented. Spread-spectrum or microwave radio techiques are used depending upon the data rate.

    Transformation Techniques can be reached at:


    Transformation Techniques offers a broad range of wireless connectivity solutions at multiple frequencies and data rates. For this reason, we can offer products for any radio frequency environment offering wider bandwidths and frequencies to avoid interference.

    Based on our philosophy of a universal platform, we have developed the following wireless products:

    The InterBuilding Link T-1

    The InterBuilding Link T-1 provides an economical single T-1 link between two sites using millimeter wave technology that can be used for voice or data. A standard T-1 interface is provided. Both licensed and unlicensed techniques are available.

    The InterBuilding Link 2 Mbps

    The InterBuilding 2 Mbps provides point to point or point to multipoint connectivity between buildings up to five miles away at a bandwidth of two mega bits per second using spread spectrum. This connectivity can be used for Ethernet LAN, Token Ring LAN, Video and Voice. A standard LAN interface is provided. Repeater configurations are supported.

    The InterBuilding Link 10 Mbps

    The InterBuilding 10 Mbps provides point to point connectivity between buildings up to five miles away at a bandwidth of ten mega bits per second using millimeter wave techniques. In addition, a T-1 can be added to the same link as well as a second link operating as a standby at two mega bits per second. Both licensed and unlicensed techniques are available.

    Antennas, Amplifiers, Accessories

    We offer a full line of antennas, amplifiers, switches and assemblies for wireless systems along with on-site support services. Many of our products are available as OEM products to wireless system manufacturers.


    At Transformation Techniques Incorporated, our focus is on outdoor wireless links. We have found that there is no one best solution for providing wireless connectivity between outdoor facilities in a campus or to nearby locations.

    As technology develops or as requirements change, the actual transmission method best used for the connectivity changes. Today's spread spectrum based systems are reliable and eliminate licensing by allowing manufacturers, such as Transformation Techniques, Inc., to build very cost effective connectivity systems. Although spread spectrum systems are the current state of the art innovation, thay are not always the best technology for particular connectivity requirements since they are limited to a maximum bandwidth of 2 Mbps (megabits per second).

    As a result of this need to support numerous transmission methods, we have developed a common platform, or bridge, with various interfaces that are required to transmit information over the method used. We call this platform "The InterBuilding Link". The InterBuilding Link is a family of products based on this platform. The InterBuilding Link utilizes highly sophisticated software and network management techniques, including SNMP, that support the transmission occuring over the method used, whether it is radio waves or light.

    Under the radio wave category, the InterBuilding Link supports spread spectrum, microwave and several other capabilities operating at various frequencies. Because of the InterBuilding Link's unique common platform design, it will be able to quickly use new techniques as they become available. This also means that these techniques can be incorporated into previously installed systems allowing them to be upgraded as needed or as technology evolves, thereby protecting your investment long into the future.

    CT by W1EA: CT9.23

    WØCD and associates: Battle Creek Special

    Xircom, The Mobile Networking Experts

    Xircom is the leading supplier of external LAN connectivity products for portable PCs. They have provided their newest Netwave wireless LAN connectivity products for use in the expedition's base camp on Easter Island. As the pioneer and expert in mobile networking, Xircom continues to bring to market innovative products that maximize performance and convenience for the mobile user.
    Xircom's Netwave CreditCard Adapters and Netwave Access Points are being used on Easter Island to link several key portable computers to the camp's ethernet network using 2.4GHz, spread-spectrum wireless technology.
    Xircom can be reached at:


    Lyndon Nerenberg VE7TCP: Computer facilities

    Dave Kelley AA7TQ: Computer facilities

    Bob Wilson N6TV: Programming

    Bob Fabry N6EK: Beacon

    Jack Troster: W6ISQ Beacon


    Willy Rusch HB9AHL: $1000

    Explorers Club: $1000

    Chiron: $1000

    Bill Tippet W0ZV: $900

    Edward Penhoet: $500

    Wayne Ordakowski WB8QFB: $100

    Harry Riggs KM4CS: $100

    Explorers Club

    The Explorers Club is a multidisciplinary professional society dedicated to the advancement of field research, education, scientific exploration, and the ideal that it is vital to preserve the instinct to explore. Founded in 1905, the Club is now a worldwide association of over 3000 members, plus many corporations that support the work. Sir Edmund Hillary serves as Honorary President.

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