Fun tweet by Jake Knapp of Google Ventures. He sent a proof of his book "Sprint" to us at CircleUp and I put some of the techniques to work on a one of our current projects!

The book is great, full of insights, strategies and tactics for moving quickly on bringing innovation, consensus, and understanding to product design challenges.

Surrounded by dolphins

A huge pod of dolphins we encountered whale watching on Monterrey Bay.


CircleUp Rights+ Program featured on Fred Wilson's Blog

Another nice writeup by Fred Wilson at his AVC blog, this time about CircleUp's new "Rights+" program that I helped drive.

CircleUp RIghts+ blog post at AVC.com

Rights+ Info at Circleup.com

Philae probe landing on a comet

This is awesome!

The ESA's Rosetta spacecraft has been tracking a comet, and just dropped a probe successfully onto the surface!

Telegraph Hill Parrots


Crowdfunding Filters - CircleUp on AVC.com

Prominent venture capitalist and blogger Fred Wilson showcased CircleUp today.

Feature Friday: Crowdfunding Filters

Trinity Alps July 2014

Backpacking in the Trinity Alps near the California/Oregon border

Harry & Barbara Allred in People Magazine. 1978

My grandfather Harry would have been 100 on July 26.  He and my grandmother, Barbara, were great travellers, particularly in China. They were really awesome.

Much has changed since 1978!

(material copyright People magazine obviously)