Total Eclipse 2017 in Casper Wyoming

To celebrate my mom's 75th birthday the sun and moon danced, casting the world in a ring of twilight and silver.


LaTabla Home Version 2

Second version of my LaTabla AR system using a PVC scaffolding to hold the projector and camera. First real test with the kids.


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LaTabla Home Version 1

First functional version of Chaim & Luke's LaTabla installed in my workspace.

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Meadow Creek & Flathead River Flyover

A short flight in a Skywagon 180 from Glacier International to the Meadow Creek landing strip on the South Fork of the Flathead. Then back up the to the North Fork, passing Macdonald lake and flying over Polebridge.

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La Tabla

My friend Chaim Gingold and his collaborator Luke Iannini work for the research group HARC.  They have developed a very cool projection based Augmented Reality system dubbed La TABLA

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Mineral King July 2016

Google Photos gallery from an amazing backpacking trip in the high country of Sequoia National Park.

CircleUp Data Usage Helping Fund Women Entrepreneurs

Nice writeup on Fast Companyof one of the ways the CircleUp platform can help out entrepreneurs.

When Data—Not Humans—Guide VC Funding, More Women Win