Doctor Megavolt

A Performance Act Pitting Man Against Electricity.

The brainchild and alter ego of my friend, Austin Richards, Doctor Megavolt dates to the late 1990’s when Austin built a metal suit out of heating ducting from Home Depot, put a birdcage on his head, and stepped into the arcs of a tesla coil built by a colleague from the UC Berkeley physics department.

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Easter Island – XR0Y/XR0Z

Broadcasting from the Navel of the World

moai-250x375In 1995 I served as webmaster for a multi-disciplinary expedition to Easter Island lead by Cordell Expeditions. During the “Dxpedition,” a group of Ham radio operators set up antennaes on the island thought the most remote humanely habitable spot on the planet. While the Dxers were making contacts with radio amateurs around the world, a team of divers explored a previously unsurveyed section of the coast. All the while the team was surrounded by the relics of a fantastic past culture, and mingling with the vibrant contemporary inhabitants of Rapanui.

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