Surrounded by dolphins

A huge pod of dolphins we encountered whale watching on Monterrey Bay.


Crowdfunding Filters - CircleUp on AVC.com

Prominent venture capitalist and blogger Fred Wilson showcased CircleUp today.

Feature Friday: Crowdfunding Filters

Trinity Alps July 2014

Backpacking in the Trinity Alps near the California/Oregon border

Harry & Barbara Allred in People Magazine. 1978

My grandfather Harry would have been 100 on July 26.  He and my grandmother, Barbara, were great travellers, particularly in China. They were really awesome.

Much has changed since 1978!

(material copyright People magazine obviously)

Orion Spacecraft Test Photos

Some cool pictures of testing of the Orion Spacecraft systems.

[The Atlantic]  NASA's New Orion Spacecraft and Space Launch System

How Disney Built the Animatronic Lincoln

Cool writeup about how the Disney team brought Lincoln to life. I remember having my 7 year old mind blown by this.

[ArsTechnica]  How Disney Built and Programmed an Animatronic President

Big Mountain Snow 2013


History of design for the 240z

Interesting writeup and  photos of the design process for a classic. I'm not a "car guy" but I've always liked the look of the classic Z.

The Datsun 240-Z In The Styling Studio Concept To Reality 1965 to 1968

via daringfireball