CircleUp is a platform that helps early stage consumer products entrepreneurs raise growth capital from value-add investors.


My Role


As Director of Product Design, my role encompassed a wide territory. Starting as the first non-engineering product hire, I lead design and user research across the entire product line. In conjunction with my peers in Product Management and Engineering we built a product development process that integrated team members based in California, Wisconsin, New York, Oregon, and other locations around the US.  I sourced and hired designers and established processes for evaluation and advancement. As a member of the senior team I was involved in establishing company strategy and roadmap, and evaluating results. 




 Marketplace for Equity

“Helping entrepreneurs thrive by providing them the resources and capital they need” 

Much of the activity on the platform takes place in and around CircleUp “Deals” Marketplace. The marketplace provides a showcase of currently raising companies and allows investors to perform initial diligence and begin engagement with entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneur & Investor Information


Deals Marketplace


 Between 2014 and 2017, entrepreneurs raised $300M in investment capital with CircleUp’s help. 


Tools for Entrepreneurs

CircleUp offers an array of online tools for  entrepreneurs to facilitate their fund-raising efforts. In addition to an assisted, step-by-step raise setup sequence it includes outreach & communications tools, performance analysis, and CRM features.

Raise Setup


Raise Management


Investor Insights – Leveraging Data

The Universal Marketplace was a prototype exploring how to bring CircleUp’s consumer products company data set to bear, allowing investors deeper insight in to early stage opportunities.





Collaborative Process

A key component of product design is process facilitation to drive desired outcomes and results. This is particularly important when drawing together stakeholders with varying areas of experience and expertise, and when working to simplify complex or arcane processes.

A highly effective method that I utilized was a modified version of the Design Sprint.  The core techniques were leveraged in a redesign of the Company Raise Setup process, a key component of the overall entrepreneur workflow.


Previously, the team participated in a sprint at the Google Ventures offices while the GV design partners were developing their process. Our session was featured in an article on Techcrunch and a video capturing key highlights.


UI Patterns Library

Balancing quality and expediency is a tension that exists within many organizations. At CircleUp, design and engineering collaborated to create a reusable pattern library, cutting down dev time and increasing quality and consistency of experience.



A Platform for Play

  • Design Manager and UX Lead for strategic platform initiatives in Zynga’s cross-product network group.
  • Principal interactive architect for, Zynga’s dedicated game portal.
  • Collaborated with creative directors, product manageers, and developers to launch Zynga’s independent account and identity system connecting web and mobile games.
  • Managed zChannels team providing design services for Facebook promotion and distribution channels.
  • UX manager for 3rd party Developer Platform tools.

For a more narrative style version, see the ZDC Snapshot Home

The landing page served as a catalog and promotional tool for games, as well as a personalized experience for account holders. Gameboards

ZDC integrated the same gameboards used within Facebook. A key difference was that the surrounding interface could be focussed on the game and players, such as the optimized “right rail.”

Bubble Safari Multiplayer

The simultaneous Multiplayer feature was an exclusive to ZDC, allowing up to four players to compete in real time in the hit bubble game. 

Zynga Account

A key strategic goal was to establish direct connections between the company and its player user base. A Zynga account allowed the building of a unique social graph, game perks, and other player friendly options.

Player Profiles

Player profiles give Zynga members a place to showcase activities, badges, and their own unique Zynga Avatar.

ZDC Concepts

Ideas and concepts generated as part of developing the platform.


ZDC Mobile

Updating the site to work on mobile phones and direct players to download the app.

Game Pages

Site pages focussed on game information and community.


These screenshots reflect the combined efforts of many talented people. All material copyright respective owners.

Cox Interactive Media

Bringing the Local Online

Multimedia Design.  1998-2000

Web and visual design, streaming media, photography for internet content division of Cox Enterprises creating nationwide network of locally oriented content properties.

Highlights:  city-guide site; webcast production of the Bank of the West Classic tennis tournament; multi-media development for television partner KTVU Fox 2; graphic design for broadband provider Excite@home.






Fun tweet by Jake Knapp of Google Ventures. He sent proof of his book “Sprint” to us at CircleUp and I put some of the techniques to work on a one of our current projects!

The book is great, full of insights, strategies and tactics for moving quickly on bringing innovation, consensus, and understanding to product design challenges.


Broadcast Yourself

I worked at Youtube from 2007 to 2011. An exciting time.

  • Lead UX efforts on multiple product areas during YouTube’s high-growth early years.
  • Tackled numerous firsts, including the first project to monetize YouTube videos and the first TV and game console implementations.
  • Design for home page, video upload & management, user channels & profiles, site navigation & information architecture, television applications, and more.
  • Worked in conjunction with product and engineering teams to create systems and practices for social networking and sharing, personalized content discovery, video quality, content syndication and APIs.
  • Collaborated with teams across Google to develop UX solutions for video across the network in products such as iGoogle and GoogleTV.
  • Mentored junior team members and interns.
  • Presented at internal & external industry & developer conferences.
  • Patents: US8069414, US8468201. Multiple Filings.
YouTube Snapshot Case Study

An overview of live work, with explanations of process: View PDF file

Home Page – 2010

Re-working the home page to integrate social and recommendation features to create a “personalized discovery” experience.

This work lead to a patent oriented around the gathering and presentation of social activity: US8468201


Autoshare –  2010

Further integrating YouTube into the social media sphere by allowing for quick sharing to FB, Twitter, and other networks.


User Channels  – 2009

Reworking user “channels” to allow for greater expression and control over presentation and content.


YouTube for TV – 2009

First iterations of YouTube optimized for TV viewing. Started as projects specifically for the PS3 and the Wii. How things have evolved!


Upload & Video Management Tools – 2008

Re-inventing the video upload experience, boosting upload success rates by double digits. Creating more focussed and powerful tools for video creators and viewers to manage uploads, playlists, subscriptions, and more.


Private Videos


Facebook Connect


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