Doctor Megavolt

Doctor Megavolt

A Performance Act Pitting Man Against Electricity.

The brainchild and alter ego of my friend, Austin Richards, Doctor Megavolt dates to the late 1990’s when Austin built a metal suit out of heating ducting from Home Depot, put a birdcage on his head, and stepped into the arcs of a tesla coil built by a colleague from the UC Berkeley physics department.

From there to performing at warehouse art spaces to the obvious next step – Burning Man. It was the gang from Toxixity that first took the show to Black Rock in 1998. And a playa legend was born.

Since then there have been dozens of performances across the United States, Europe, the Middle East, at events like Comic-con and venues like the Exploratorium, and of course many return trips to Black Rock City.

The show has always been a collaboration, with a shifting team performing, running the equipment, and providing technical know-how. My main involvement was at the turn of the millennium, but I still help out when things line up.

And, yes. I’ve been in the suit. It’s awesome.

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