X-Ray Specs: Concept and proposal

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A virtual reality installation that places the user in a point-of-view perspective of their own body. In real time, the system will generate a representation of the body that matches the movements and perspective of the user. Within the environment, the user can peel away the layers of tissue of the body, revealing the underlying structures.

Further perspective is gained by the mapping onto the body of a variety of different interpretations of body function from different cultural regions and historical periods: Chinese accupuncture or the Italian rennaissance for example. The system will also emulate modern medical imaging, giving the impression that the user was viewing their body's systems as it would be perceived by CT or MRI scanning. Additionally, interactive elements will further draw the user into the environment by illuminating information about body parts or allowing the user to act upon their own body.

The piece is a continuation of earlier work done by Diane Gromala exploring issues of embodiment and body perception, particularly the award winning virtual reality piece "The Virtual Dervish".

Draft Proposal (288K MS Word)