X-Ray Specs: Technical Specifications

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The x-ray specs installation will use a head mounted display unit and a data glove in conjunction with a variety of sensors to track the motion and position of the user's body. Graphics processing and rendering will be done using a system developed by the Virtual Environments Group at Georgia Tech. Head mounted displays:
Tekgear: www.tekgear.com
- PTV-K240 Field Sequential 3D Version: http://www.tekgear.ca/hmd/ntsc.php3
- PCTV-K180 3D Version: http://www.tekgear.ca/hmd/vga.php3

Fifth Dimension: http://www.5dt.com/
- 5DT HMD 800: http://www.5dt.com/products/phmd.html

Virtual Reality Systems: http://www.virtualresearch.com/index.html - V8 Head Mount Display: http://www.virtualresearch.com/products/v8.htm Data Gloves:
Fifth Dimension: http://www.5dt.com/
- 5DT Data Glove 16 / 5DT Data Glove 16-W: http://www.5dt.com/products/pdataglove16.html

Tracking Systems Fifth Dimension: http://www.5dt.com/
- 3D-BIRDĒ: http://www.5dt.com/products/p3dbird.html