Name/ID Type Format Date Time (am/pm) Location Duration/Dimensions Note Player1 Player2 Player3 Player4 Theme1 Theme2 Theme3 Theme4
03.04.2001-1 Video DV 03.04.2001 1:00 AM Nigeria 2min Leaving the house Jim Sally Samantha   Family Mothers Refugees Hunger
03.04.2001-2 Video DV 03.04.2001 3:30 PM Palestine 5min   Paula Ray     Family Loss of a sibling    
03.04.2001-3 Video DV 03.04.2001 12:00 PM Nigeria 2.3 min   Jim Sally Alex   Politics Ethnic Groups Activism  
03.04.2001-1 Video DV 03.04.2001 7:00 PM Palestine 1 min   Paula Steve Tom Rose Politics Ethnic Groups Violence  
03.06.2001-1 Video DV 03.06.2001 6:00 AM Palestine 3 min   Paula Ray Saul   Family Food Holidays  
03.07.2001-1 Video DV 03.07.2001 5:20 PM Nigeria 5 min   Jim Billy     Family Departure    
03.14.2001-1 Video DV 03.14.2001 10:15 AM USA 7.3 min Greeted in Chicago Paula Ray Steven   Politics Immigration Bureaucracy  
03.21.2001-1 Video DV 03.21.2001 8:39 AM USA 2.5 min Arriving in Chicago Jim Sally Helena Bob Travel Moving Family  
Nigeria Map Data data geoData     Nigeria             Nigeria      
Nigeria Map image       Nigeria 1200x300 pixels                  
03.15.2001-Message Email ascii 03.15.2001 9:48 PM Nigeria     Steve Jim     Travel Family    
Jim&Sally image jpeg 03.23.2001 11:42 PM Palestine 500x600 pixels   Jim Sally     Family      
Paula&Ray image psd 03.03.2001 12:37 PM Palestine 500x600 pixels   Paula Ray     Family      
Steve image psd 04.22.2001 12:22 AM Palestine 500x600 pixels   Steve       Family Departure    
Jim image jpeg 01.13.2001 12:02 PM Nigeria 500x600 pixels   Jim       Family      
Billy&Jim image jpeg 03.23.2001 2:02 PM Nigeria 500x600 pixels   Billy Jim     Family      
Annual Report - INS Text MSWord 02.22.2000                 Immigration      
Chat-Immigration Issues data chatData 03.01.2001       Ongoing Internet Chat Jim Sally Alex   Immigration      
Chat 3.01.2001-tran text ascii 03.01.2001 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM     Internet Chat Transcript Paula Ray Tom   Immigration      
Sally Phonecall 1.02.2001 audio aiff 01.02.2001 10:12 PM USA 27 Min Sally calls home for first time Sally Jim Alex   Family Separation    

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