Previous Work
These examples include both visualizations of Doppler radar and other ways to visualize weather phenomena. All images and work copyright the respective authors.
Study of a Numerically Modeled Severe Stormz

A classic of visualization undertaken at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications. A rich variety of techniques are used to show a storm developing, including point and streamline glyphs, and plane slices of the storm.

National Weather Service Archives

As the usage of Doppler Radar progressed over the course of 20th century, the National Weather Service devised a variety of ways to gather and interpret the data. Historic Radar Images Gallery contains a wide assortment of images of radar's evolution.

Typhoon Herb: Comparison of Observed and MM5 Model Data

In 1996 Typhoon Herb ripped across Taiwan. A radar station there gathered data before being forced to shut down due to flooding and wind damage. The data was later visualized and compared with a modelled version of the storm.