Georgia Institute of Technology

I received a Masters of Science in Information Design and Technology at Georgia Tech, studying from 2001-2003 under the mentorship of Dr Janet Murray and many other exceptional people. Some of my amazing classmates included Jenna Billota, Chaim Gingold, Alex Cook, and Molly Stevens, all of whom have gone on to do great work in interactive media. It was an amazing and formative experience.

Principal Projects

Bronc Busters, Bomb Designers, and Me

My masters project, a work of experimental documentary on DVD-Video that incorporates interactive digital technologies and storytelling techniques. A means to explore the complex issues and impact surrounding United States defense laboratories located in my hometown of Livermore, California.

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Enhanced Television: P.O.V.

This project was undertaken in collaboration with the American Film Institute’s Enhanced TV Workshop for 2002 and the PBS documentary series P.O.V., broadcast of the documentary “The Two Towns of Jasper. The film deals with the racially-motivated murder of James Byrd, who was dragged to his death in 1998 in Jaspar, Texas. .

Project Description & Materials



Scientific Visualization: Extreme Weather

Data visualization project for course “Visualization Techniques for Science and Engineering.” Using IBM Data Explorer, I created a serious of animations illustrating a data set of extreme weather. The project won a prize as one of the best of the term. Spring 2002.

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X-Ray Specs

Concept and designs for a Virtual Reality art piece with Professor Diane Gromala. Planned and designed an immersive VR environment exploring socio-historic issues of body awareness and imaging. Spring 2001.

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Other Notable Projects

Visualization Literacy

Research, critique, and experiments in Data Visualization and Information Graphics. For Visual Culture and Design course, December 2001.

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Walk This Way

Interactive art piece proposal. Patterned lights that respond to sensor data on the GaTech campus. For Architecture of Responsive Spaces course, Professor Sha Xin Wei, Fall 2001. 




Civil Liberties in an Age of Terrorism

In April of 2002 the Ivan Allen College at Georgia Tech hosted a conference entitled Civil Liberties in An Age of Terrorism as part of their founders day commemorations. The key note speaker was Jimmy Carter. Designer Tristam Sparks and I interviewed folks around campus about the issue, and the resulting piece was used as the kickoff to the days discussion panel. Video sadly lost to drive crash. 🙁


Papers and Research

Database Documentary Project

An ongoing exploration of new documentary forms in the emerging digital media age.

Some Thoughts on Artificial Life

Essay on Artificial Life for the Computer as an Expressive Media course. Fall 2001.

Design Theory and Practice

Musings on design theory and practice for the Computer as an Expressive Media course. Fall 2001.