Launched winter 2012.
Game portal for Zynga web games. A site for dedicated players, it currently records higher retention and revenue that the same games on Facebook.
Role: UX design lead. Design team manager.

Iterations are ongoing, including the recent release of “standalone ZDC” which integrates a completely new Zynga account system to replace Facebook signin. Additionally, the website was optimized to provide a catalog browsing experience for mobile games when users visit on their phones.

Bubble Safari Multiplayer
Launched Summer 2012
A network level product that matched players against each other in the popular game Bubble Safari. Originally launched as a Zynga.com unique feature, it was eventually ported over to work on Facebook as well.
Role: UX design lead.

Over time there has been considerable concept work done, parts of which sometimes find their way into the products.

Zynga.com Snapshot (pdf)

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