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An art and performance space in North Oakland, California


In 1995 a carpenter friend acquired a worn out old brick building in the Temescal district of North Oakland. A repair shop since the 30’s, it had been vacant for a few years and was starting to take on all the tell-tale signs of urban decay — broken windows, graffiti, etc…

Our friend’s plan was to slowly convert the building into live-work lofts, some for his family, some for sale. To help offset the mortgage costs while he built out the rest of the units, he rented out half the building to group of us. This raw space became Toxixity – “Toxic City”. 

Over the course of the next three and a half years we converted the empty shell into a vibrant little village with living space, art studios, and an ongoing program of performances and presentations that featured the diverse community of North Oakland. The space hosted art shows, film festivals, performance art and dance pieces, countless bands, and the re-knowned Toxixity Halloween Party, not to mention being the launching point for multiple excursions to Black Rock City and the early home of Doctor Megavolt.