At this point, YouTube needs no introduction. I worked there from 2007 to 2011, when the platform had started its journey, but was still feeling its way towards becoming the juggernaut it is today. An exciting time.

My Role

As a Staff UI Designer I worked on a wide variety of projects:

  • Design for home page, video upload & management, user channels & profiles, site navigation & information architecture, television applications, and more.
  • Tackled numerous firsts, including the first project to monetize YouTube videos and the first TV and game console implementations.
  • Systems and practices for social networking and sharing, personalized content discovery, video quality, content syndication and APIs.
  • Collaborated with teams across Google to develop UX solutions for video across the network in products such as iGoogle and GoogleTV.
  • Mentored junior team members and interns.
  • Presented at internal & external industry & developer conferences.
  • Patents: US8069414, US8468201. Multiple Filings.
YouTube Snapshot Case Study

An overview of live work as of 2011, with explanations of process: View PDF file

Home Page

Re-working the home page to integrate social and recommendation features to create a “personalized discovery” experience.

This work lead to a patent oriented around the gathering and presentation of social activity: US8468201



Further integrating YouTube into the social media sphere by allowing for quick sharing to FB, Twitter, and other networks.


User Channels

Reworking user “channels” to allow for greater expression and control over presentation and content.


YouTube for TV

First iterations of YouTube optimized for TV viewing. Started as projects specifically for the PS3 and the Wii. How things have evolved!


Upload & Video Management Tools

Re-inventing the video upload experience, boosting upload success rates by double digits. Creating more focussed and powerful tools for video creators and viewers to manage uploads, playlists, subscriptions, and more.


Private Videos


Facebook Connect


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