Spiders, Arachnids, and Scorpions

Spiders are amazing

There are many cool arachnids out there, not just spiders. Most of them are cool. They come in myriad sizes. They have lots of eyes. They build cool webs. They eat other annoying bugs. Tarantulas feel really cool when they walk on you, but it is nice to invite them to do so.

Daddy long-legs, or harvestmen, are arachnids.

Also, I guess I'll throw scorpions in here too. I have more mixed feelings about them. They definitely look a lot creepier. Whip scorpions aren't exactly scorpions, but they are totally harmless, even though they look terrifying.

Ticks, however, just suck. Yes, both literally and figuratively.

Most of these here are from Ecuador, mostly in the Choco or Amazon.