Ecuadorian Choco-Andino Bioreserve Referendum 2023

August 19, 2023
Ecuadorian referendum to prevent mining in the Choco forest.

On August 20 at the polls, Ecuadorians will not only be casting a ballet for the presidency, but also on two major environmental policy initiatives. Both, if passed, could make major changes to the role of extractive industries in the country.

One of these is focussed on the Chocó Andino area that lies on the western side of the Andes. This region stretches through northern Ecuador and southern Colombia. World renowned for its biodiversity, only a small percentage of the original forest remains. This referendum will curtail mining efforts in the region, preventing further degradation of the land and habitat loss.

Included here are some recent pics from the @bellavista and @yanacocha reserves northwest of Quito. 

Info on the area: 

I also note that these votes come in a time of change in the country, with multiple concerns on the table. I wish the best for this beautiful country and its people.