Postings on Climate

January 28, 2023
Kicking off posting on climate related topics

This post constitutes a kickoff and a statement of purpose for what I hope is a bit of ongoing learning and sharing exercise. I'm going to be posting on topics related to the environment, nature, climate change and technologies.

It’s been part of my thinking for a long time, but in recent years I’ve taken a more direct and active interest in environmental and climate related issues. In particular, over the last six months I’ve been on a journey to learn, connect, and see how I might be able to contribute to solutions.

The earth is a big beautiful vibrant - and robust - planet. And I believe that while a sense of urgency is critical, despair is counter productive. There are many people, organizations, and communities who are showing paths forward. 

My goal is to start sharing some of what I have learned, while continuing my journey of learning and discovery.  I want to approach this with humility and respect, knowing that I still have quite a way to go.

I will be focusing on active efforts and sharing highlights that have been inspiring and moving to me. Some of these I’ve had involvement with, others not. I'll cover technology, design, science, activism, and art. I’m particularly interested in nature-based solutions, conservation, bio-diversity, and related areas. I might find a few excuses to drop in some of my own photos and videos here and there as well. :)

The image at top is one I took recently while climbing Cayambe, a volcano in Ecuador that its right on the Ecuator. In the last 20 years the glacier has retreated significantly, having once extended much further down the mountain. Still beautiful, but a reminder of the dramatic impacts of climate change.