Sinchologua - November 2023

November 11, 2023
Summiting a more rarely scaled peak in the Eastern Ecuador cordillera.

Summiting 4873 meter Sincholagua as part of training for our version of Movember (ie MOUNTAIN). Sincho is an eroded volcano situated between a slew of other amazing peaks. Doesn’t get much attention as its so close to Cotopaxi, and access is tricky to wrangle across some private lands. It’s mostly a hike, but the last 30 or so meters we roped up. While we didn’t have sweeping views this time, the misty weather was actually really friendly. No rain and thunder that day.  Always great to be on the mountain with my buddies Bernie Hoffman and Tim Chaney.

Y miramos dos cóndores andinos en la descenso! Un grande gracias a las espirites de los Andes para un día increíble.

(Some pics by Bernie and Tim)